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The Smyth Realiser A16 brings immersive movie sound to your home, in spectacular fashion, by recreating the virtual acoustics and loudspeakers of cinemas and studios over your headphones.


The Realiser can precisely emulate what you would hear sitting in the sweet-spot of a one Crore home theatre, with it’s expensive sound treatment, powerful amplifiers and loudspeakers, over just regular stereo headphones.

The Realiser supports two users simultaneously, so you can have a premium home-theatre experience together with your partner, while the kids are sleeping. 


Experience your movies in the best seat in the movie house, and at the intended sound level, without disturbing your neighbours or changing the layout of your hall.


The Realiser supports the latest immersive Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D cinematic formats, including advanced Dolby Atmos 7.1.6ch  and Atmos 9.1.2ch mode movie sound tracks. 

The Realiser brings watching movies in the home to a new level.

Up to 2 listerners

Listen to 16 virtual loudspeakers

Connects to DVD, Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray, PS4, XBOX, PC/Mac, Set-top, TV


The Realiser uses advanced head tracking to monitor the position of your head (and that of your partner).

In the real world, the direction of a sound remains stationary as we move our heads.


With headphones, the sounds move with our heads. This is highly unnatural and a prime cue that we are listening to headphones, not the real world.

With 3D mapping, the sense of wearing headphones disappears.


Built right into the Realiser system is the ability to personalise a sound room to your ears and headphones. 


You can measure your own, or a neighbour's, loudspeaker system and then recreate this over headphones.


Or you can visit our (or any other) quality studio and measure that sound room, take the data home and precisely recreate that studio over your headphones.


Or you can connect to our upcoming Realiser Exchange website and download a range of high quality sound rooms to use in your Realiser.


These powerful personalisation features, explain why the Realiser works and why it will deliver, for you, the same fantastic performance professionals have been enjoying for years.

The Realiser comes with a default virtual room and virtual loudspeakers. This non-personalised experience will be competitive or superior to other virtualisers, especially if head tracking is employed.


Today's computer and console games offer brilliantly realistic graphics that immerse the player in the action. Many games also generate surround sound, but many gamers either use very poor computer speakers, or modest headphones limited to stereo.


With the Realiser, the sound of the game rises to the level of the graphics, hugely enriching the gaming experience.


Headphones are capable of respectable low frequency response, but cannot provide the full-body physical impact that woofers and subwoofers afford.


Therefore the Realiser provides a pair of outputs to drive tactile transducers such as a shaker motor coupled to the listener's chair.


The result is quite satisfying, and fun. Flexible bass management controls are provided to derive the tactile outputs (which can also be used to drive subwoofers).


For professional users, the Realiser affords the ability for a mixing or mastering engineer to replicate a preferred monitoring environment in another location.


The studio can be brought home, or taken on location. A variety of consumer playback systems and rooms can be called up for checking the suitability of a music mix for commercial release.


A client can hear a mix in the environment where the engineer created it without travelling there. 


Within an organisation, a proven good monitoring environment can be replicated as many times as there are users who need the room, and the replicated studios can be used simultaneously at any number of workstations, greatly relieving demand on limited facilities and saving the cost of building additional rooms. 


The Realiser-A16 audio processor re-creates immersive 3D audio over stereo headphones, rendering up to sixteen virtual loudspeakers in any location, with head-tracking.


An integrated audio codec decoding board allows formats such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X to be decoded internally via the HDMI bitstream, Toslink optical or USB interfaces, and rendered automatically to an appropriate virtual loudspeaker format.


In addition, discrete audio signals can be sourced from USB 2.0

and analogue (16-ch), from HDMI (8-ch), and from SPDIF optical and stereo inputs (2-ch).

The versatile Illusonic N:M up-mixer allows all source material from

2.0 stereo up to 7.1 discrete surround to be upmixed and rendered to any 16-ch immersive or 3D loudspeaker format.


The headphone processor is configured via a web browser, and can then be controlled either from the front panel, or with an IR remote or from a web browser.


Low-latency convolution modes allow rendering for live audio performances and highly interactive video gaming. 

  • Precisely emulates up to 16 speakers in asound room over stereo headphones

  • Full suite of personalisation routines

  • Internal audio bitstream decoding: Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, DTS-X and all legacy Dolby and DTS formats

  • Employs state-of-the-art SVS virtualisation with integrated headtracking for realistic rendering

  • Azimuth + elevation head-tracking

  • Audio source inputs / outputs: USB 2.0 : 16ch in / 2ch out HDMI 2.0 : 8ch PCM i/o + bitstream in Analogue : 16ch in + 16ch out Optical : 2ch PCM i/o + bitstream in

  • User interface and configuration via web browser

  • Illusonic N:M channel upmixer

  • Supports two simultaneous listeners with fully independent personalisation and head-tracking

  • Low-delay live music rendering modes

  • Dedicated audio i/o for video gaming

Smyth Realiser A16
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