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As you might expect, an Audio Note listening room doesn't come cheap. Next to a dedicated room sized at around 250 square feet minimum, you’ll have to set aside a budget of at least USD$ 100,000 And we can cater to considerably higher ambition levels.

Yes, the same amount will buy you brand new BMW 7 series. An investment which arguably will not give even half of the pleasure, distinction and relaxation of a listening room. And one which will depreciate to half its value in less than three years, while a listening room  retains its value for a decades.

To realise your listening room, we have hand-picked a dedicated project team, comprising an (interior) architect, a project-manager, an acoustics expert and the founder of the Lanka Audio Salon. Together they bring the  tens of years of experience required for an on-time and on-budget realisation, that will exceed expectations.

Audio Note today is without competition. Its not without reason that Audio Note was featured in Rolls Royce’s Book - 'A Legacy Of Luxury’, as one of few companies who strive for perfection, regardless of cost or difficulty. However our company is not about snobbery, but about quality. Offering value instead of vapour.


Audio Note is a cult, not only a brandname. You will not find us when looking in regular shops.


We will find you… when your path has deviated from the noise of the market to a truth that speaks for itself.  

If you are interested to create your own personal oasis, then please contact us via email via the form below when you have the room and budget at your dispense. 

Thanks for submitting!

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