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The Heritage Series


Only class A layouts and the best and rarest tubes to reach the best sound for value.

From the refined single ended triode to the effortless power of the best push-pull designs. Preamplifiers, Power amplifiers, Integrated amplifiers and Headphone amplifiers.

Each Tektron audio amplifier – be it a preamp, integrated amplifier or power amplifier –

comes with a 5mm clear methacrylate tube cover.

An elegant and safe solution that perfectly complies with the strictest European and international safety standards.

You can order your Tektron device in one of the following finishes: Italian olive, walnut, rosewood, padauk, wenge, mahogany or black lacquered wood as shown here.

Tektron Audio Italia Products are now on demo in The Music Villa.

Attilio Caccamo, Tektron CEO, AES member n. 77583

  • High Efficiency Transformers

  • NOS, rare and always selected tubes

  • More benign overload and distortion behaviour

  • Simpler but purer and effectiver hard wired layouts

  • High quality components like Roederstein resistor and paper/oil capacitors

  • Solid wood cabinet, wooden plinths are build with seasoned Mediterranean timber with several different types of wood to choose from

  • Copper or Brass top plate

  • Efficient online technical support by email granted Worldwide

  • Motorised Volume Control Optional

  • Includes Acrylic Dust / Safety Cover

The MasterPiece Series


We have imagined a product line that embodies the best of our 35 years of experience and development.
We have designed a line that has surpassed anything we have done so far.


The aesthetic design represents the history and future of Tektron.

We wanted something to make us dream and bring us to a new dimension so we have created the “Masterpiece” line.


Available in third quarter 2021

designer: Alessandro Coletta

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