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Beyond Audio


Most people have experienced sound systems, some have experienced audiophile ‘high-end’ audio systems, very few have experienced optimally set up music systems. Although our audio systems will deliver a visceral experience, we can take it one leap further…

In coöperation with Professor Edgar Choueiri of the 3D Audio and Applied Acoustic Lab of Princeton University (USA), we can install a unique device that applies ground-breaking technology to cancel crosstalk of 2-channel audio systems. The result is that true 3D audio landscapes can be recreated using only two loudspeakers, with any music source, while no ‘special’ recordings are required. 

The results are dubbed ‘groundbreaking and spectacular’ by renowned editors worldwide, and its is guaranteed to blow you (and your guests) away. 

The system will be personally calibrated for your ears, while an external camera will monitor head movements, so that you continue to be immersed in the 3D sound-field, even while shifting or turning your head. For sure a unique experience.

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