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Sell your Audio Equipment

To list youre emails send an email to


Make sure you attach at least 3 quality pictures of your equipment ready, and at least one picture of any damage that might be present on your equipment.

Also provide the following information:

  • Name of the product

  • Brand of the product

  • The current MRP

  • The price you want to fetch

  • The minimum amount you are willing to accept.

  • Description of the Product

  • If Manuals are included

  • If there is any Warrantee left on the product

  • If you have the original invoice

  • Condition of the Product

  • Your full name and address + your phone#

  • If you want to offer the product locally or International (via Audiogon / Ebay).

After submission we will evaluate your item(s) and revert to you shortly.

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