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Immersive Audio Creation / Production


With its precise emulation of studios, auditoriums and dubbing stages, the Realiser A16 is an ideal monitoring tool when creating new immersive audio sound tracks for movies, games or music.

  • Personalisation results in precise replication of dubbing stages and control rooms

  • ASIO drivers for OSX and Windows

  • Any speaker format, e.g. Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D, Ambisonics and legacy

  • Creates up to 16 loudspeakers 

  • 16 single-ended analog audio inputs

  • 16 digital PCM audio inputs (24-bit 96kHz) via USB

  • 8 digital PCM audio inputs (24-bit 192kHz) via HDMI


A fully customised mixing studio is very expensive and the studio time is tight and expensive too.


The movie sound tracks are normally divided into smaller projects and mixing engineer can work at their own desk or room to pre-mix then take their work to the main studio for proofing.


The Realiser is perfect for such engineers doing 5.1, 7.1 mix without being at the main studio, just go in and measure the HRTF and take it back to their own place to carry out the work.

 The Realiser can even measure the "dubbing stage" this is a full cinema size mixing studio in Hollywood.


So engineers can do some works even before they get to this stage of sound track mix before movie release.


The cinema sound track mix is not suitable for the DVD release from a movie.


Studio's often take the multi-track and re-mix in a home alike 5,1, 7.1 setup, now even goes up to 11.1 Dolby Atmos.


Mixing is done by professionals, then before the master tape is taken to the DVD printing factory they need to double check the sound tracks' Proofing.


Checking so many channel at the same time is problematic.


The Realiser provides the most economical solution to this problem.


The "proofing" house can now have many Realisers working in the pipeline and maximise the through-put, especially when you are talking about the Dolby 11.1 Atmos mix!


Before the final proofing at the mixing studio, the producer can watch the movie and use the Realiser to listen to the sound track at a smaller working room or even at their own house.

This can make editing much more effective and/or doesn't require access to 'expensive' studio time.

The studio can be brought home, or taken on location. A variety of consumer playback systems and rooms can be called up for checking the suitability of a music mix for commercial release. 


A client can hear a mix in the environment where the engineer created it without travelling there. 


Ever dreamt of doing mixing  in your own home studio?

The Realiser makes it possible to create your own studio right at your desk. Just measure a professional studio you like, and you'll be able to create two or advanced multi-channel surround mixes from your home.


This without investing expensive monitor equipment or sound-proofing.  Your Realiser paid for itself before you've even started!

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