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  • TK One EL34-PSE

    Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier – Single Ended Parallel with EL34 Tubes




    Features: Matched tubes EL34 x 4 – 6SN7 x 2 – 5AR4 x 2
    Inputs: 3 line inputs.
    Signal input: 900 mV for max power.
    Outputs: 20 W / Channel
    Outputs impedance: 4 – 8 ohm (other impedance available upon request).
    Frequency range: 15 – 35.000 Hz.
    Power Supply: 100/115/230/240 VAC – 50/60Hz. Other voltage are available upon request.


    Dimension and weight


    Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 18 cm
    Weight: 18Kg




    EL34 in Single Ended Parallel for best sound quality


    Finish: Solid wood, several types of wood available.


    Artisanal product made in Italy. Point to point built (NO pcb). EL34 in Single Ended Parallel for best

    sound quality.


    Additional information: Copper top plate, brass upon request. NOS tubes included upon request. CE – RoHs – RAEE compliant.

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