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    A signal source which can really do everything and still sound like big high-end?


    We proudly present: the Musicbook SOURCE is an incredibly versatile source that meets even the highest demands on sound quality. Be it music from streaming services or from a music server, from CDs or LPs, everything’s possible and easy to operate via the app. Friends of high-class headphones will also get their money’s worth: the built-in class-A amplifier sets benchmarks in this class. The icing on the cake is the excellent phono MM input for turntables!


    Connect your Musicbook SOURCE to a suitable power amplifier such as the Musicbook POWER or directly to active loudspeakers, and from now on you’ll be enjoying music in the most beautiful way: rich in detail and yet relaxed, with a wide stage or a small ensemble, dynamically vigorous or soft and emotional.

    • The new LINDEMANN streaming platform offers music playback from the internet in high-res quality with 24-bit resolution. And all that wireless via WLAN. Owing to WPS the connection to the router is a piece of cake. The ARM-core high-performance processor and the web update feature make the platform absolutely future-proof.


      The LINDEMANN app is available for Android and iOS, both for smartphones and tablets in landscape mode. The album oriented programming excels by a fluent browsing and an easy, intuitive operation. The app allows to control all functions and settings of the Musicbook SOURCE.


      Technologically the Musicbook SOURCE is far ahead of the competition: all digital input signals are converted into DSD, a highly appreciated data format among audiophiles all over the world. This completely new approach raises in particular "normal" CD grade recordings to an exceptionally high sound quality level.

      Via USB the Musicbook SOURCE supports the connection of external CD-ROM drives and thus transforms easily into a top-class CD player without high costs! And this, of course, plug-and-play; the drive is automatically recognized and integrated via the LINDEMANN app. Control and CD text support included.


      The headphone amplifier of the Musicbook SOURCE has a powerful output stage which can drive headphones from 16 to 200 ohms. Owing to class A mode, the high damping factor and ultra short signal paths in the device the sound quality is beyond any doubt.


      The Bluetooth function of the Musicbook SOURCE enables direct wireless music playback from smartphones or tablets (without a network). Here the A2DP Bluetooth audio transfer protocol guarantees ultimate sound quality.


      Optionally the Musicbook SOURCE is also available with a built-in CD drive (at an extra charge). The quality of the integrated D/A converter turns the Musicbook SOURCE into an absolute top-level CD player. Discover how much sound is really hidden on your CDs!


      The phono MM preamp of the Musicbook SOURCE has been derived from our well-known Limetree PHONO and offers an exceptional sound quality from vinyl records. The input is very low-noise and can also be driven by high-output MC-systems. The sensitivity is adjustable via the app.


      A special highlight is the multi-room feature which allows to run several streaming devices in different rooms simultaneously or individually. Convenient controlling is provided by the LINDEMANN app.


      Two digital SPDIF inputs allow to connect digital sources like e.g. CD drives. Two analog line inputs allow to connect sources like TV, tuner or tape recorders.

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