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TK One 6550-PSE

TK One 6550-PSE

Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier – Single Ended Parallel with 6550 Tubes




Matched tubes 6550 x 4 – 6SN7 x 2 – 5AR4 x 2
Inputs: 3 line inputs.
Signal input: 900 mV for max power.
Outputs: 35 W / Channel
Outputs impedance: 4 – 8 ohm (other impedance available upon request).
Frequency range: 15 – 35.000 Hz.
Power Supply: 100/115/230/240 VAC – 50/60Hz. Other voltage are available upon request.


Dimension and weight


Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 18 cm
Weight: 18Kg




Finish: Solid wood, several types of wood available, choose them here.


Artisanal product made in Italy. Point to point built (NO pcb). 6550 in Single Ended Parallel for best sound quality.


Additional information: Copper top plate, brass upon request. NOS tubes included upon request. CE – RoHs – RAEE compliant.

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